“The Axe” Will Become a .99 cent Short Story

First, thanks to all for your kind comments on my short story The Axe. It was one of the most fun to write stories I’ve ever done. I think that’s because Melvin Tolliver, aka “The Axe,” is a character that has lived with me for a long while, and I was glad to finally get him down on paper. Melvin definitely didn’t end up as the character I dreamed up when I was a teenager.

Back when I thought that I wanted to create graphic novels (okay, I still do), I came up with an idea for an urban superhero (who shall for the present time rename nameless). Well, everyone knows that any good superhero has an arch enemy, some bad guy who always pushes the hero to his or her limits before getting stomped in the name of truth, justice and all that stuff. My bad guy was a character I called “The Axe.” The Axe didn’t have any special powers (and neither did my hero), which I figured would make for some good battles.

Well, my graphic novel idea is on the back burner for now, and that’s fine because I’m having a lot of fun getting the novels, novellas and short stories I’ve written over the years and my new stuff out to the public. My urban superhero may show up one day, but I think he’s going to need a new arch enemy, because Melvin “The Axe” Tolliver has become a lead character in his own right. The short story was his introduction. The only similarity to my original character concept is the gruesome way in which The Axe earned his nickname.

Finally, even though the story ended in the present day with Melvin an elderly gentleman, there were a lot of years left open for more story about his life. My gut tells me that those years will eventually be filled in.

Stay tuned.

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