Do You Know About The Women of The Group?

The Group

“You should go back home. Go home, Elizabeth. See what your man is doing.”

That’s how it began – with the whispered voice of an unknown caller. And what Elizabeth finds when she returns home is a betrayal that uproots her world and sends her into violent rage. But this betrayal is just the tip of the iceberg, and Elizabeth isn’t the only victim. She has friends – four best friends – and at least one of them is also a victim.   

Years after the fact, Robyn is still trying to recover from her failed marriage. Even though she’s become a successful businesswoman, she can’t escape the doubts about herself and her womanhood. She uses alcohol and sex with random strangers to help her hide from those doubts. But is the sexy Jamaican she meets by happenstance the one who can help erase her insecurities, and perhaps help her find love again?

Among their group, Paula and Robyn are best friends. But Paula is driven to try to keep up with Robyn’s success – at least for appearances sake. She and her husband Charles work hard to try and maintain the lifestyle that Paula demands, and as a result they are sinking deeper into a financial hole that threatens not only their lifestyle, but their marriage.

Kim is the bubbly member of the group. Nothing seems to bother her, and her life appears perfect. She’s got a man and she’s in love. But will a woman from his past threaten their future together?

Jamila is the bad girl in the group, always willing to push boundaries, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. When the group was teenagers, she was the first to have sex. For Jamila, men are a challenge created to be conquered, used and discarded. Every man is fair game. But then Jamila goes too far.   

From the pages of Christopher Bynum’s compilation Love Won’t Let Me Wait comes the story that everyone talked about – the story of the love, passion and pain of Elizabeth, Robyn, Paula, Kim and Jamila.

Christopher Bynum’s



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