Passion’s Nectar is Available!

Passion's Nectar

Okay, not the actual wine (damn it!), but Kindle and Nook versions of the tale about the desire-boosting beverage developed by billionaire Julian St. Christopher and the mysterious green-eyed African woman known only as Amarante.  

Long-time fans of the Passion series know the the basics of this story. For new readers, welcome to the first published installment in the series. In addition to Julian and Amarante, you’ll meet:

– Dr. Glenda Engerman – the chemist who helped synthesize Passion’s Nectar, and an example of why doctor’s should never self-medicate.

– Julian’s personal assistant Victoria West. Keyword: “Personal.”

– Grace Trouillot – Julian’s head housekeeper and chef. There’s more to Grace than meets the eye.

– Carrie Norwood, the central character in Passion’s Nectar, and the woman whose 30th birthday celebration turns out to be very much different than she’d expected…thanks to Passion’s Nectar. 

To view or purchase the Kindle version, click here.

To view or purchase the Nook version, click here.

Check back often for information on the second installment in the series: Passion’s Kiss, and for news about other releases.

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