Get Ready for Your Sip of Passion’s Nectar

Passion's Nectar

Passion’s Nectar

To celebrate her thirtieth birthday, Carrie Norwood goes partying at the hottest spot on the Jersey Shore – a nightclub called Shadows.  With her best friend Patrice and her supervisor Louis in tow, Carrie intends to make her birthday Saturday night a night she won’t forget.

But she does forget.

Carrie wakes up on Sunday morning, naked and alone in a strange bed in a strange house, with no memory of how she got there. The last thing she remembers is dancing in Shadows. But while her mind has lost recollection of what happened the previous night, her body remembers. She can still feel the man she was with, in the places in which he possessed her. Her body thrums its memory that the night of intimacy that she can’t remember was as intense as anything she has ever experienced. To add to the mystery, Carrie finds a handwritten note on the pillow next to her. Its three-word message reads: “You were amazing.”

Over the next few days Carrie’s memory gradually returns, and she comes to realize that she was as much responsible for her night of fevered passion as was her mystery lover. And she discovers that the catalyst for their mutual unchained desire was a wine called Passion’s Nectar.  

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