Free Story: Temptation



Long Branch, New Jersey

Sunday Afternoon




“I don’t see it,” Josh said.

“It’s by Mrs. Dash. It has a yellow label.”

“I see Mrs. Dash stuff, baby, just no Southwest Chipotle seasoning.”

“It must be there. I buy it there all the time,” Leigh said. She squeezed the phone between her cheek and shoulder as she cut a Cornish hen in half.

“Well maybe they’re sold out.”

Leigh sighed out her frustration. She should have gone to the store herself instead of sending her shopping impaired husband. But she had a cake in the oven, and no way could she trust Josh to watch it and take it out at the right time. She’d feel safer letting him handle nitro glycerin on a trampoline. Josh was good at a lot of things but the kitchen was not his friend.

“Is there a stocker around?” she asked. “Ask one of them if they have some in the back.”

Now she heard Josh sigh. Why did men hate to ask anyone for help? “Josh…”

“Okay, okay, I’m gonna ask.”

“Thank you, baby.”

“You know how you can thank me?”

Leigh laughed, “Boy, don’t start.”

“You fell asleep on me last night.”

“That’s because you were up watching stupid boxing.”

“And then nothing this morning.”

“We had to get to church. And by the way, you were wrong for whispering nasty stuff in my ear in the house of God.”

“You’re my wife. God is cool with it.”

“Boy, hurry up and bring my seasoning back here. I need to get these hens in the oven. If they don’t have it, try Shop-Rite.”

Leigh had just cut the second hen in half when the doorbell chimed.




Leigh opened the front door of their townhouse to find Josh’s best friend Kelvin standing on the stoop. He wore a charcoal gray suit over an open collar shirt. He stood with his hands in his pockets, looking like he’d just stepped off the cover of GQ Magazine. He smiled at her, and she felt a quiver that started in her heart and spread down to yes daddy.

Kel had a way of looking at women with his light brown eyes and smiling at them. It was a look and a smile that said I can have you if I want you.

Leigh had known Kel for years, almost as long as she’d known Josh. Kel wasn’t an arrogant or conceited guy. He just had a way about him, as if every woman was worthy of consideration for something intimate. With one look he could challenge beautiful, confident women, or make the day of those not so fortunate to be blessed with beauty. After knowing him for years, Leigh had come to the conclusion that he didn’t do this on purpose. It was just who he was. For Kelvin Harris every woman, young or old represented a possibility.

“How you doing, Leigh?” he smiled. His eyes caught the sunlight and held it, turning it into flecks of gold.

“What’s up, Kel? Josh isn’t here right now.”

Kel frowned. “Oh damn, I talked to him like an hour ago and he told me to come on over. I was going to borrow a DVD.”

Now it was Leigh’s turn to frown. Josh was hardcore about not loaning out his music and movies to anyone. He wouldn’t even let his family borrow his stuff. “I sent him to the store,” she said. “He doesn’t usually loan his stuff out.”

Kel raised his eyebrows as if to say, Like I don’t know that? He pulled his cell phone out of his inside jacket pocket and started punching numbers.

Leigh said, “I gotta check on my cake.” She stepped back and motioned him inside.

She felt self-conscious as he followed her through the townhouse. She’d changed from her church clothes into a pair of Josh’s sweatpants. The waistline was way too large to fit her even with the drawstring pulled as tight as she could get it. But the flare of her hips and booty kept them up…barely. She was thankful that she wore a baggy tee-shirt that hung low, because she was definitely showing some bare booty cleavage above the waist of the sweats. Still, she felt like Kel’s eyes were locked on her backside as she walked. She couldn’t help that she had some stuff going on back there, or that her hips had a natural sway. But she felt exposed and vulnerable. To the best of her memory Kel had never been here when Josh wasn’t home.

She heard Kel talking on his phone as he followed her to the kitchen: “Yeah man, I’m at your place and your wife is treating me like I’m a terrorist about borrowing that movie. I think she’s about to get violent.”

Leigh had to smile at his comment as she reached the stove. She pulled the oven door open and turned her butt sideways as she bent to peek in. She didn’t want to give a player like Kel a show or give him any ideas.

The cake was coming along nicely. Leigh eased the oven door closed and straightened up.

Kel held his phone out to her. “Talk to your man,” he said.

Leigh took the phone. “Yeah, baby?”

Josh said, “I told him he could borrow Daddy’s Little Girls. He invited some female to his place tonight to watch a movie, and then he remembered that the only movies he owns are porn.”

“Oh, okay. Did you get the seasoning?”

“They were out. I’m on my way to Shop-Rite right now. If they have it I’ll be home in forty-five to an hour.”

“Okay, baby. Love you.” Leigh clicked off and handed the phone back to Kel. “I’ll get the movie for you,” she told him. “Be right back.”

They used a spare bedroom as their media room so all their DVDS were upstairs. Leigh felt weird again walking away with her back to Kel. What was wrong with her? She’d known that fool forever, for over eight years. He was nobody special – just that fool Kel.

She turned the corner, and now out of his sight, dashed up the stairs, her bare feet silent on the thick carpet. She made the upper landing with her heart racing and breath coming out in gasps, and not just because she’d taken the steps two at a time.

She was alone in the house with Kel.





She’d been dating Josh for about two months when he introduced her to Kel. Of all nights it had to be on the night that she was horny as hell and had decided to finally give Josh some.

Josh had been trying almost since the day he met her on the boardwalk in Asbury Park to get in her panties. He was cute for sure, and she liked that he was bold enough to just walk up to her at the ice cream stand and offer to pay for her cone if she’d let him walk with her. She’d told him that she wasn’t that cheap or easy, and he’d replied, “If you don’t let me walk with you then I’ll just walk behind you and stare at your goodies until you leave the beach. So you can avoid having a temporary stalker by letting me pay for your ice cream.” He was charming. And really cute.

She saw Josh at least twice a week after that day on the boardwalk. But she wasn’t easy, so she wasn’t going to give it up right away. Even though his kisses and caresses set her body on fire, she held out. But after two months she was so horny she was ready kill somebody. She decided that on their next date she was going to hurt him.

The next date turned out to be a double date. Josh had talked a lot about his best friend Kelvin, who he’d known since they were kids. But Kelvin had been away in the Air Force when she met Josh. Now he was out and back home. Josh asked her if she had a friend she could invite to go bowling – someone for Kelvin to hang with. Leigh brought her girl Tiara along.

Leigh had two thoughts when she met Kelvin for the first time at the bowling alley, both of which she was ashamed of. She was jealous of Tiara. And worse, a part of her wished that she’d met Kel before Josh. There was something about him, from his sexy light eyes and the way he smiled to the confident way he carried himself that reached out and twisted itself around that thing that made her a woman.

Tiara wasn’t as reserved as Leigh. She slept with Kel that same night, and the next day they compared notes. Leigh was thankful that she could report that Josh knew how to handle his business between the sheets. She asked Tiara how Kel was in bed, hoping that she’d say that he had a tiny dick and came in two minutes. But what Tiara said was, “I want to marry him or be his sex slave. That’s how good he is. Actually sex slave is better, because then I won’t have to cook and clean.”

For a few weeks Leigh’s jealousy made her hate her friend. But then Tiara stopped seeing Kel. Apparently he didn’t want a slave. He wanted a harem. Tiara hadn’t wanted to be one of many.

Over time Leigh felt less guilty about her attraction to Kelvin Harris as she came to understand that he had that effect on all females, from teenage girls to her even her own mother. Her mom giggled and batted her eyes like a fucking schoolgirl whenever he was around. He just had a persona, and a way that was like catnip to the female psyche.




Leigh found the DVD, took a deep breath at the top of the stairs to calm herself, and went back down. Kel was still in the kitchen, standing at the counter near the foil-covered pan of Cornish hen.

“So what’re you making?” he asked.

“Cornish hen. I’m just waiting for Josh to get back with the seasoning.” She handed him the DVD and backed away from him along the counter. “You probably want to bring that back soon, so Josh doesn’t hunt you down. You know how he is about his stuff.”

Kel sat the movie on the counter and said, “Honey.”

A spike of alarm shot through Leigh’s chest. “What?” Did he just call me Honey?

“What you do, you bake the hens until they’re done and golden brown,” Kel said. “Then you ease them out of the oven, and you take you some honey, see. It works better if you have the squeeze bottle kind.”

As he talked he took a step closer to her along the edge of the counter. He didn’t move into her personal space. He wasn’t being disrespectful…yet. But his eyes had that look. And they held something more. Leigh thought she saw desire in his eyes. I know damn well this fool isn’t going to try to make a move on me. I will beat his yellow ass. Still, Leigh felt her legs tremble. She leaned against the edge of the sink to steady herself.

Kel said, “The squeeze bottle works better because it gives you more control, you know? You can put that honey exactly where you want it…on exactly the right spots.”

“Oh, is that right?” Leigh didn’t like the sound of her own voice. She’d intended her words to come out sarcastically, but she didn’t have enough breath to force them out that way. Instead she sounded weak. Damn it, Kel couldn’t make her weak. She knew the kinds of games he played with women. She wasn’t a sucker like that.

“That’s exactly right,” he said. “See, with the squeeze bottle you have precision. You can let the honey drip out nice…and slow.” Kel held his hand up as if holding a bottle of honey and made a slow squeezing motion with his fingers. “And when those thick drops contact hot skin, well…it just…melts…”

He smiled at her. His light eyes bore into hers. Then he bit into his bottom lip and Leigh felt her punany quiver. Oh, man…

“Now Leigh, the flesh is so hot that as soon as that honey makes contact, it melts and flows. You just watch…you’ll see all that sweet juice just sliding over that golden brown skin. It finds all those secret crevices and the sweetness soaks right in.” Kel gazed at her and shook his head slowly back and forth, as if just thinking about it was almost more than he could handle.

Leigh felt her pussy jump, and with that spasm the first hint of wetness. Fucking Kel has no business doing this to me. I need to put him in check, right now.

But before she could say anything he took another step closer and she forgot to open her mouth. Now he was within arm’s reach if he wanted to touch her, or if she wanted to reach for him. But I don’t want to reach for him. And he damn sure better not try anything with me.

Honey-drip-hip-01Smiling, Kel said, “Now you can’t do this just once, Leigh. You have to get all that sweet juice all over that hen…just coat every inch of her. Then you put it back in and let it cook some more so that honey soaks deep into the meat. Then you pull it out and squirt some more…”

Her clit thrummed against the cotton of the sweat pants. The material felt slick. How did I get this wet so fast?

Kel stepped closer. Now he was right in front of her, just inches away. He was so close that she had to look up to see his eyes. His lips were right there. So close. Too close. She wanted to tell him that he was way out of line and that he needed to back the fuck up. But she couldn’t make her mouth work. I am not going to let this happen. I won’t.

“What you want to do, Leigh, is have the breasts and thighs and legs coated two, maybe three times.” His voice was softer now, almost a whisper. “You take it out…coat it with honey…put it back in. Do that over and over. Then when she’s done and you taste her, the sweetness will be all down in the meat…all the way to the bone. Leigh, there is nothing like having sweetness all the way down to the bone.”

She had one then. Just a little one, but it happened. To keep herself steady Leigh pressed her side into the edge of the sink so hard that it hurt. Kel was looking at her, deep into her eyes. He smiled. His fucking smile said that he knew. Bastard!

He stepped closer, so that his body just barely brushed against hers. She was ashamed to hear the purr in her breath.

Kel whispered, “Do you know what I want, Leigh?”

Oh no, please. “What?” Her voice came out in breathless squeak. Kel leaned closer, so close that his mouth was right next to her ear. God please don’t let him touch me. Please…

Kel said, “What I want Leigh, is after I leave here, I want you to get naked. Either get naked or wear something lacy and skimpy, you know, some of that Victoria’s Secret shit. And some stilettos, cause Josh is a leg man. And when he gets home I want you to give it to him so good that you put him in a coma. I want you to give it to my boy so good that you’re going to have to feed him dinner intravenously tonight.”

Then Kel straightened up and backed away from her. Leigh stood staring at him, stunned. The light was gone from his eyes. For the first time since she’d known him, his eyes looked cold.

“Josh is my boy, my best friend in life,” Kel said. “There are a lot of assholes out there, and I mean assholes, not men, who would stab him in the back to be with a fine sister like you, Leigh. Me and Josh, we know some of those assholes, and I’ve heard them talk about you behind his back. But I love Josh like he’s my own brother, and I would never do that to him. I would never stab him in his back. I hope you love him that much, too.”

Kel picked the movie up off the counter and turned away. Leigh was still too surprised to speak as she watched him walk across the kitchen.

He stopped at the entry and turned back. He held up the DVD case. “Tell Josh I’ll bring this back tomorrow. I know how much it means to him…and I respect his property.”




Leigh stood at the kitchen sink for a long time, staring out of the window and thinking. Finally she remembered to check her cake. It was done, so she took it out to cool for the icing. Then she went back upstairs, this time to their bedroom. She undressed and walked naked to her closet.

She had a pair of black satin sandals with five-inch heels and ankle straps that she’d been saving for a special occasion.

Just because she was horny enough to kill someone was as special an occasion as any. Josh didn’t need to know the reason why.

~The End~

© September 2008
The Black



Dream Girl

A Southern Belle: Forbidden

A Southern Belle: Forbidden
Everyone lives two lives – the life they present to the world, and the life that exists in their secret, erotic fantasies.Clarisse Belle Bettencourt Maxwell is a woman of privilege and means. As mistress of the Maxwell household, she’s the flower of southern aristocracy. She has money. She has power. She had respect. To the people who know her, she is a modern day Southern Belle.But beneath Clarisse’s veneer of southern class and sophistication lives the dark secret of her unfulfilled need – an aching hunger that has never known satisfaction. And the need is growing stronger.
Driven by her erotic fantasies and burning desire, Clarisse seeks and finds the satisfaction she craves. But in Clarisse’s world, the source of her satisfaction is forbidden, so forbidden that if she is found out, her life will be forever ruined, and the lives of those close to her will be destroyed.

Elle (Insatiable: Book One)

Elle (Insatiable: Book One)
To her employees and friends, Gabrielle Archer is the epitome of the self-made, strong black woman. With her aggressive style and razor tongue she’s made it in a man’s world with room to spare and bodies in her wake. She’ll put anyone who crosses her – especially any man – in his place, and then she’ll despise him for his weakness. No man dares challenge her…except one.Simon Bishop knows what buttons to push – not to ignite Gabrielle’s wrath – but to strip away her emotional armor to reveal the woman within – the woman she yearns to be: Elle.Elle has no power and no control. Elle is free to give herself over to a strong man, a man she trusts to take care of her so that she can give all to him. And what Elle has to give is a fiery passion that that knows no boundaries and no shame.
Elle is the woman that every real man desires, and the woman that every other woman, deep in her heart, wants to be.

The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

It’s late spring 1963, and for Korean War veteran and former boozer Cameron, it looks like it’s going to be another good summer.For six years he’s had drinking and his life under control.He likes his job. His car is almost paid off, and he’s saving money to buy the duplex home he rents.On summer weekends he goes to cookout at his neighbor’s.And on too many nights, he awakes from the same nightmare with a scream locked in his throat.

Other than that, his life is good.

Cam’s life gets even better when a beautiful girl named Alicia moves into the other side of his duplex. Over the course of the summer their friendship grows, and takes a turn toward romance.

But the intensity of Cam’s nightmares is growing, too. The terrible visions are starting to visit him even when he’s awake. He doesn’t know when they might come or what might trigger them. And as external circumstances push Cam to the brink of his self control, everyone around him – his friends and neighbors and even Alicia, the girl next door that he cares for more than anyone – might be in danger.

By Christopher Bynum

Love Won’t Let Me Wait

Love Won’t Let Me Wait
Internet favorite author Christopher Bynum brings you five tales of love, pain and passion.
In “The Cousin” Devon finds his love for his wife Sheila put to the test by his desires for her gorgeous cousin Ellie. And when he learns that Sheila and Ellie each carry long-hidden secrets, he must decide whether his love for his wife, or his desire for her beautiful cousin, is worth the wait. Love Wont Let Me Wait features “The Cousin” and four more page turning stories of the passions, temptations and betrayals that threaten love…for those who just cannot wait.

Speaking as a Man: Poetry & Prose

Speaking as a Man: Poetry & Prose

Internet favorite author Christopher Bynum is known and praised for his stories of mystery, love and passion. Fans of his creations, like the professional assassins Duncan Gray and Nikira Horikoshi, the enticing Elle and the love-torn writer Simon Bishop wait anxiously for his books featuring those unforgettable characters. In “Speaking as a Man” Christopher Bynum tells tales of love, life and passion in a new way – through poetry and prose. But like his remarkable works of fiction, readers will remember these works long after they’ve turned the final page.

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