“The Girl Next Door” is Available for the Kindle

The Girl Next Door is now available for the Kindle. Click here to view and read an excerpt.



It’s late spring 1963, and for Korean War veteran and former boozer Cameron, it looks like it’s going to be another good summer.

For six years he’s had drinking and his life under control.

He likes his job. His car is almost paid off, and he’s saving money to buy the duplex home he rents.

On summer weekends he goes to cookout at his neighbor’s.

And on too many nights, he awakes from the same nightmare with a scream locked in his throat.

Other than that, his life is good.

Cam’s life gets even better when a beautiful girl named Alicia moves into the other side of his duplex. Over the course of the summer their friendship grows, and takes a turn toward romance.

But the intensity of Cam’s nightmares is growing, too. The terrible visions are starting to visit him even when he’s awake. He doesn’t know when they might come or what might trigger them. And as external circumstances push Cam to the brink of his self control, everyone around him – his friends and neighbors and even Alicia, the girl next door that he cares for more than anyone – might be in danger.

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