Free Story: The Hitman Chronicles: Rumors of War – Chapter 4

The Hitman Chronicles: Rumors of War: Prologue/Chapters 1-3



Brighton Beach, New York
Saturday Afternoon

Yuri sat at his desk, studying the woman sitting across from him. So this was the infamous Nikira Horikoshi. She was beautiful, that was for certain. Her body, and her face, they were beautiful, yes. But he sensed that in her spirit there was something very ugly. No wonder she was so good at her work.

“Viktor runs his house as he sees fit,” Yuri said. “He makes a very good profit. Why should I care how he does it?”

“Because he’s about to kill his golden goose,” Nikira said. “Amarante is the one who trains the girls, and she’s the one who brings in the rich people, the celebrities and the politicians. If it weren’t for her, Viktor’s business would be no more profitable than a ghetto pimp’s with a stable of crack whores on a street corner.”

“Then he is right not to let Amarante go,” Yuri said. “I like Amarante. I always have, since she was a little girl in France. But business is business.”

“If Viktor kills her, your business selling women’s bodies will suffer for it.”

Yuri didn’t miss the disdain in the assassin’s last statement. He let it go. It was not worth the blood that would be shed to try to punish her because of her woman’s feelings. “What do you want from me, Nikira Horikoshi?”

“I want a free hand, and no interference,” Nikira said. “Amarante will train one of the experienced women to take her place. She will provide consultation on occasion to make sure that your profits don’t fall off. But she’ll no longer be madam of your house in North Jersey. And since Viktor won’t willingly allow her to leave he has to be…removed from service.”

“You expect me to allow this – to let you to assassinate one of my people?”

“Viktor’s pride and stubbornness will cost you money – a lot of money,” Nikira said. “And as you said, Yuri, business is business.”


Somewhere in North Jersey
Sunday Afternoon

“I’ve heard that Yuri likes Amarante, that he might be upset with the person who kills her.”

“You talked to Yuri?” Viktor asked.

Viktor looked surprised and a little scared. As much as she enjoyed people being afraid, Nikira made herself not smile. “I just hear things,” she said. “If I’m going to have the entire organization after me, my price is going up.”

“The price was agreed upon, Nikira. You have your money.”

“But you didn’t tell me there’d be a bull’s eye on my back when I do this job.” She had a hunch as to why Viktor hadn’t killed Amarante himself. Now it was time to find out if she was right. “Amarante is like a daughter to Yuri. Is that why you won’t do it yourself? Are you afraid of his vengeance?”

“If you’re afraid, Nikira, return my money and I’ll hire someone else – someone with balls, if you understand my meaning.”

Nikira ignored his insult and her anger.  There were too many of Viktor’s men here, including the two bodyguards in the office with him now. Besides, his time was coming.

She said, “You want Amarante killed with nothing leading back to you, Viktor. No one can do that better than me. You take a chance on hiring someone else and one day it may come back to haunt you. And then Yuri will castrate you before he kills you.”

“What do you want?”

“Twice again what you paid me.”

“You’re out of your fucking mind,” Viktor spat. “Get the hell out of my office.”

Nikira smiled. “Fine, Viktor.  Take your chances with some amateur you don’t know. Or use your own clowns. Or better yet, just leave Amarante alone. Leave her to run her club and her limo service.”

He slammed his fist on his desk. “No!  She belongs to me! She leaves, she dies.”

“Then pay what it’s worth for your pride, Viktor.”

Viktor studied her. Nikira could see the hatred in his eyes. She looked at the two bodyguards who stood in the corners of the office behind him, watching her coldly. These were two of the men she’d have to kill later to gain Amarante her freedom. Unless Viktor was very angry right now. Then she’d have to kill them now and Viktor too, and fight her way out of this house.

“If I give you this money I want her dead within a week,” Viktor said.

“Don’t ever tell me how to do a job, Viktor.”

“For this kind of money you will do it the way I say.”

Nikira stood up, stepped to his desk and leaned over it, placing her fists on the leather desk pad. The bodyguards tensed. They stood about a dozen feet apart along the wall behind Viktor’s chair. The attack method flashed through her mind in an instant. Drive her index and middle fingers through Viktor’s eyes and into his brain. Get over the desk and take out the goon to her right while he was still reaching to his shoulder holster. Easy enough. The other bodyguard – the one to her left – would be the only challenge. She thought she could do it. But instead she leaned closer to Viktor and said, “One thing you need to know about women, Viktor, and this is very important:  Just because you spend money on us doesn’t mean you own us. At best, we’re giving you a very temporary loan.”

Viktor glared his hate at her. “One thing you need to know about me, Nikira Horikoshi: If you betray me, I will feed your body parts to you before I let you die.”

Now Nikira smiled sweetly at him and cooed, “Viktor…if you ever threaten me again, I’ll go to your house on Long Island and feed your wife and twin daughters to your Rottweilers. Then I’ll come for you.”


Bradley Beach, New Jersey
Monday Morning

Simone was so happy that Uncle Duncan and Maisha were coming back to New Jersey. They were her only family, and she was thrilled that they’d be close again.

She’d only left their place in Murfreesboro because she thought that she was starting to cramp their style. Uncle Duncan and Maisha were still practically newlyweds. They needed their private freaky time.  They needed to be able to get naked and swing from the rafters or whatever is was they liked to do.   Besides, she couldn’t be one of those relatives who came to visit for a minute and then never left. So even though they’d encouraged her to stay, she had to roll.

Maisha was so sweet to offer up her old place here on the beach. Man, she loved that girl like she was her sister! And she could tell that Uncle Duncan loved her to death. And now they were going to be close again, all of them back home in New Jersey. Life was starting to get good, and Simone was smiling as she went to the front door to check her mail.

The only thing in her mailbox this morning was a 3×5 index card with a typed phone number on it.


Murfreesboro, North Carolina

Duncan started with her lips. He couldn’t get enough of her lips. So soft; tender. Her tongue possessed a natural electricity that could make a grown man who’d been there and done it all moan. And those dimples at the corners of her mouth – those perfect indentations were made just for his lips. God knew to put them there for him on the day she was born. But then, he was certain that everything about her body God had designed with him in mind, just as He’d created the first woman especially and specifically for one man.

He kissed her soft face, and then her forehead, even her eyelids, and then kissed his way around to her ears. Maisha sighed as he nibbled on her lobes, and then again as he kissed his way from the back of her ears and down her neck to bury his lips in the sweet juncture where her neck and shoulder met. His journey through paradise – through his own sweet secret garden – had just begun.

He’d started the afternoon by bathing her in their glass claw foot tub, sponging her golden body as they shared a goblet of wine and bits of cheese. The pungent aroma of incense added to the buzz they felt from the wine.

He’d dried her with a plush Turkish towel, and then massaged fragrant oil into her skin from her neck to her toes. This was as much a treat for him as for her – caressing her beautiful nakedness. It took him the better part of an hour to complete the delicious process. By the time he was done her body was humming with need. And he was just getting started.

He’d made a CD just for this occasion, for their first opportunity in weeks to be completely alone with no concern about family interruptions. The music played softly in the background now – some Marvin Gaye, a little Maxwell, Kem and Smokey for good measure. Right now, as he kissed his way down her right arm to her fingertips and back up again Marvin spoke for him, explaining all that he’d give her and do for her if this world were mine.

He repeated the process on her left arm, and when he reached her hand he paused to remove her wedding ring.  She opened her eyes then and looked at him. Then she smiled, apparently understanding from the depths of his gaze his feelings. He wanted nothing manmade between them, not even precious gold or diamond. He wanted her natural, and only her. After all, the ring was only a symbol of their unity. The true statement of his love for her was branded onto his heart.

Her breasts were full, perfect globes, and he caressed them, gently squeezed them, and pressed his mouth into them, nuzzling, kissing, nibbling, and then licking and sucking her swollen, begging nipples.  She tossed her head on the pillow and moaned along with Kem as he crooned about how Heaven resided in her.

Duncan thought that truer words were never spoken as he kissed his way down over his wife’s quivering abdomen. After torturing her belly button with his tongue he teased her a little now, trailing his tongue lower, down to her pubic mound, over the fine, close cropped hair that decorated her treasure.

Her hair there was a darker brown than on her head, and was a beautiful contrast to the burnished gold of her sex. He gazed at it for a moment, at the plump lips slightly parted in need, allowing him to see just a tempting hint of her pink interior. She put him in the mind of a ripe peach, though he knew no fruit was as sweet. He resisted his gnawing hunger to taste her fruit. It wasn’t time yet. She could ripen more for him. He nudged her gently, signaling her to turn over.

He started up high again, at the base of her neck, using his lips and tongue to make her shiver. Then he moved lower, sliding his tongue down the center of her smooth flawless back, between her shoulder blades and lower, into the valley at the curve of her spine. She shivered again, deliciously.

He went lower still, from the valley up the generous swell of her bottom. He paused at that spot where the crevice of a deeper valley began, but only for a moment. He gripped a round cheek in each hand and spread her open. He felt her shiver again, and heard her moan. He smiled, because she knew.

Now, as he slipped his tongue into the crevice of her bottom and she groaned into the pillow, Maxwell provided the soundtrack for his expression of love, explaining how she was more than a one night lady; that she was matrimony. Duncan thought that the first time he laid eyes on her he knew what she was. Matrimony. His life, for the rest of his life.

She was his. She belonged to him, just as he belonged to her. Through love their bodies and their souls had become one. To touch her was to touch the more beautiful, sweeter part of himself. As such, there was no place on her body he didn’t love, no place on her body he wouldn’t go. She moaned louder as his tongue contacted the bud of her nether entry. She pushed back against him, imploring. He gave her what she desired.

Maisha trembled and gyrated and sighed her pleasure, which was all he ever required of her – her pleasure. But he had more pleasure to give, and so after a while he moved on, his mouth on the back of her firm thigh, then down to tease the back of her knee, down over her full, perfectly rounded calf, her delicate ankle, and further, to tickle and tease the soft sole of her foot, even her toes.

He moved to her other foot and worked his way up, reversing his path until he reached her bottom again, where he bade her turn over. Now she was ripe, ready. It was time to taste the fruit of paradise.

He planted soft kisses on her plump lips, loving the way her treasure became engorged with need, and the way she parted like the petals of a flower exposing more of her moist pink interior. Duncan pressed his tongue into her opening, sampling her honey, and then up to the little bud that was the core of her pleasure. He flicked it with the tip of his tongue. Maisha groaned. He repeated the process over and over, licking upward, teasing her with his tongue, gathering her nectar and swallowing her offering.

After a while her hips began to move, pumping up off the bed in sync with his licks.Likewise her sighs coincided with the movements of his tongue, quickening until they became gasps.

In the sharing of their lives he’d come to know her body as well as he knew his own. She was getting close now, close to her rapture. He adjusted his position, focusing only on the center of her pleasure, licking and sucking it until she was at the pinnacle of her bliss. Then he carried her to the top and over the edge.

Duncan stayed with Maisha – kept his mouth on her – until her orgasm began. Then he moved up, and as she shuddered through her ecstasy he pushed himself into her silken heat, claiming what was his. He wanted her to come on him, around him, for him. He felt her body quake in surprise at his unexpected penetration, but she was defenseless, unable to do anything now but follow her body’s lead. He gripped her bottom, holding her close, feeling her spasm around him, still coming as he found her deepest, sweetest spot.

As her orgasm faded she sought his mouth, and they held each other and kissed as their lovemaking went into its next phase. Smokey provided guidance, telling them to let the fire start; ooh, so warm.

He had the CD on repeat mode. It replayed many times over the night, but they weren’t paying much attention.


His cell phone woke him up in the morning. He didn’t recognize the number on his caller ID. But when he answered, it was Simone on the line.

“Hey Uncle Duncan, I’ve been talking with a friend of yours,” she said.

“What friend?” he asked, sitting up in bed. The fact that Simone had called from an unknown number had him on alert.

“Your friend from San Diego. She said you went to college together.”

A bolt of alarm shot through his chest.  He glanced at Maisha. She was still sound asleep, breathing deeply. He eased out of bed and out of the room.

“Simone, are you all right? Is she close to you?” Duncan struggled to keep his voice down.

“I’m fine Uncle Duncan. I haven’t seen her. I found a card in my mailbox with a phone number. I called, and a woman answered. She said that if I knew you, to tell you that your friend from San Diego needs to talk to you –”

“Simone, listen to me. This is the woman I told you about – Nikira Horikoshi. She’s dangerous, and I mean deadly fucking dangerous. You need to watch your back, because she knows where you live. In fact, get out of the house. Go somewhere safe until I figure out what’s going on.”

“I hear you Uncle Duncan. But really, she didn’t seem threatening at all.”

“Don’t believe any fucking thing she says, Simone. Do you understand me?”

“I understand. But she also said you’d probably act this way. She asked me to tell you to please try to remember the girl you knew in Japan. She said that that girl needs your help.”

(To be continued…)

Chapter 5

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