A Southern Belle: Forbidden

Everyone lives two lives – the life they present to the world, and the life that exists in their secret, erotic fantasies.

Clarisse Belle Bettencourt Maxwell is a woman of privilege and means. As mistress of the Maxwell household, she’s the flower of southern aristocracy. She has money. She has power. She has respect. To the people who know her, she is a modern day Southern Belle.

But beneath Clarisse’s veneer of southern class and sophistication lives the dark secret of her unfulfilled need – an aching hunger that has never known satisfaction. And the need is growing stronger.

Driven by her erotic fantasies and burning desire, Clarisse seeks and finds the satisfaction she craves. But in Clarisse’s world, the source of her satisfaction is forbidden, so forbidden that is she is found out, her life will be forever ruined, and the lives of those close to her will be destroyed.

A Southern Belle: Forbidden

This sizzling update to the original novel weaves a tale of passion that begins in the pre-integration south and spans the decades to the post-Civil Rights era, and introduces a new sensual vixen – Clarisse’s daughter Olivia.


A Southern Belle: Forbidden is available for the Nook here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/a-southern-belle-forbidden?store=ebook.

It will be available for the Kindle at any moment. 



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