Dream Girl

Dream Girl Cover - WebShe’s Beautiful:Imagine the woman of your fantasies come true. She looks just like you’ve always imagined her, from the color of her eyes and the way she smiles to the length of her legs. From her head to her toes she’s your ideal woman.

She’s Passionate:Her desire is your desire. What you like to do, she loves to do, because it’s for you. What you want, she needs. Even those unspoken things you’ve imagined in your deepest, most secret fantasies, she’ll eagerly and happily do for you.

She Loves You Madly:She’s totally devoted to you. Her love for you is unconditional.

She’s Not Human.

Ana is a Companion, one of the artificial people created at Head Box Industries. She is a gift to Roland, a college friend of Head Box Industries’ founder.

Ana is beautiful. She’s designed based on her owner Roland’s fantasy of his perfect woman – his dream girl. From her soft, warm skin to her simulated breathing to the way she sighs under his caress, Ana is the perfect replication of a real woman. No one but Roland, her creator, and his closest friends know that she’s not human.

Ana is programmed to obey Roland’s every command, to fulfill his every desire. She’s programmed to simulate love, if that’s what Roland commands.

Ana wasn’t programmed to love on her own, and certainly not to desire love. But Ana loves Roland. She wants Roland to love her.

Roland thinks there’s something wrong with Ana’s programming. Why else would she think that he would love her – a walking, talking computer? He decides that Ana needs her programming updated so that she can be fixed.

Ana doesn’t want to be fixed. She wants to be loved. And when Roland tries to force her to be updated, he discovers that his dream girl could become his nightmare.

Dream Girl is available in paperback and for the Kindle, and soon to be available in all eBook formats. Click here for more information.

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  1. chocolatelocs

    I purchased this off Amazon. Amazing read as usual, I always look forward to your stories!

  2. Even though this story is fictional, it sounds like what we often try to do in relationships… re-program the other person. Art imitating life through the mind of The Black!

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